Native By Nature’s

What is Native By Nature? How can our history help you find your Warrior Spirit?

Our Philosophy

Native by Nature is all about using the natural resources provided by Mother Earth.  Native by Nature aides in helping us be the best version of ourselves.  Our Native American roots are based in spirituality.  As a homage, we have infused our smoothies with Sage.  In our culture, Sage is known for its cleansing benefits and spiritual properties.  Native by Nature combines Sage with fruits and veggies, creating a healthy blend of detox cleansing smoothies.  These gifts from Mother Earth are nourishing, giving your body, mind, and spirit a healthy reset – while also aiding in weight loss. Our products offer warriors a guided path to change their way of consuming foods,  and will help you to take the necessary steps to improve your quality of life & will leave you feeling lighter.

Who We Are

Gabi is from Lincoln, Ne.  Her dad’s family is from the Rosebud Sioux tribe & Santee Sioux tribe.  She has a B.A. in Health & Wellness – Holistic Healing.  She believes that food is medicine & we can all get on the path to healing through food.  She is an advocate of CBD products and other herbal remedies.  Stress management & healthy choices also have an important impact an overall healthy life.

TaRonia is from Lincoln, Ne.  Her mother’s family is from the Omaha tribe of Nebraska and the Rosebud Sioux tribe.  Her interest in healthy living has been a life long journey of teachings.  Her experience and education in the heath care field grew her belief. it’s important to fuel your body with quality food such as fruits, veggies and lots of water.  Learning to be conscience of our food intake and consumption is important to living a long life.  Self improvement is a life-long journey of consistent growth.

Water is life. Mní Wičóni.